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Who We Are And What We Do


Turtle Works LLC is a business software and process application development company. We give Small and Medium-sized Businesses the business intelligence and enterprise software solutions needed to compete in today’s global marketplace. Business has become the time-location agnostic process of data generation. Effective collection, recognition, and utilization of that data – from whatever source, in whatever format – determines business success.

We are focused in our approach. We give you the tools, technology and training to harness the data, make better decisions, and collaborate efficiently to deliver the results you need to succeed.

You need to know that your data is safe and secure. Turtle Works’ SQL Server administration gives you that confidence.

Your business needs Business Intelligence (BI). BI collects, integrates, analyzes, and presents relevant business information in an organization. This helps you:

  • • Detect significant events,
  • • Identify and monitor trends,
  • • Understand your competition, your customer, your product, and your suppliers in order to quickly and correctly respond to changes in the marketplace.

Data administration and document management can be performed “real-time,” providing on-demand business and financial reporting at the push of a button.

Power BI consulting develops custom business intelligence mobile apps that put all of your data at your fingertips and helps you make better business decisions. Whether desktop, laptop, or mobile device, it does not matter where you are. You can access the information you need wherever you need it and in whatever format you need it.

Turtle Works utilizes Office 365 business software tools to standardize and automate your workflow. Forms and reports can be generated and automatically populated when and where you need them. That kind of flexibility is possible with a SharePoint company portal that is configured to intuitively mirror your business process workflow. Turn your company portal, employee portal, or client portal into a nexus of collaboration with our SharePoint training and support.

No more missed opportunities because you can’t put your finger on the information you need when you need it. No more ad hoc document creation. Turtle Works integrates BI and SharePoint to eliminate perspective bias and give you one source of truth. Our mobile apps allow you to control and access your data, dashboards, and portals to deliver your work product whenever and wherever needed.

At Turtle Works, we end your pain and help you manage your time and other assets more effectively.

How We Do It



Turtle Works has over 15 years of experience in SQL Server:

  • installation
  • Performance Tuning
  • Database Development
  • Database Administration
  • Best Practices
  • Scheduled and On-Call Maintenance

With SQL Server, and our database administration, you harness your data and are confident in reliability, data integrity, and performance.

With our database development skills, double-entry of data is eliminated. The result: improved efficiencies through integration.

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Make decisions with confidence using Business Intelligence (BI). Clearly identify, process, and analyze your Financial fundamentals, such as:

  • Revenue and Expenses
  • Cash
  • Inventory
  • Accounts Receivable and Payable
  • Employees/Payroll
  • Gross Profit Margin

BI helps you harness your Operations by tracking:

  • Production Capacity
  • Production Rate
  • Scrap
  • Billable hours

It can also help you to monitor Sales and Marketing:

  • Latest trends in your market sector
  • Market forecasts
  • Your competition
  • Your market ranking
  • Open proposals
  • New Prospects
  • Deal closure rate

To win today, you have to know what your customer wants. BI makes you proactive!

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The number one complaint about SharePoint: users just don’t like it. More fairly, they often simply don’t understand either how it works, or what value SharePoint holds for users. Poor implementations and unreasonable business expectations are the driving factors behind rejection. Quick wins, user training and need-driven implementation are the deciding factors behind a successful SharePoint environment. Increase your SharePoint understanding by leveraging SharePoint experts with User Adoption.

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