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Simplify Decisions with BI

Business Intelligence (BI) filters through the information smog to clearly identify key performance indicators (KPI) and metrics that really matter in a timely and objective manner.

Turtle Works is a leader in the areas of data analysis, reporting, and automated data collection using Power BI, SQL Server and Analysis Services.

We can automate reporting and analysis for:

  • • operations
  • • scrap
  • • delivery
  • • budgets
  • • forecasts
  • • risk analysis
  • • operations
  • • monthly consolidations

We show you how to look at your data in multiple dimensions with columns and rows analyzed across time, locations, product families, sales teams, and more.

Once your KPI and metrics are determined, Turtle Works builds a Dashboard that lets you know where you are. And when synced to the Power BI mobile app, you know where you are going, wherever you are.

Turtle Works is a recognized leader with Power BI. Gain insights into your data, enjoy simple and scalable data prep and analysis with built-in governance and security. Add Power BI Mobile to keep you in the loop wherever you are.

Gain an advantage by leveraging our Power BI experience and solutions related to these systems:


What business metrics do I care about?

Start with the important ones, related to cash:

a. What does cash look like? That is what is in the bank, what do I owe, how much is owed to me? If I add those up, is it positive?

b. Who owes me money; that's right Accounts Receivable. What is outstanding more than 60 days? Who do I need to call to ask for payment?

c. How are my projects doing? Am I coming in under budget? Can I wrap up some projects and bill?

d. What does the sales pipeline look like? How many proposals are out? What is the dollar amount? Who are they with? Can I close some of these projects and get started on them?

If you are using QuickBooks, Dash is an easy to use solution already built to answer these questions from anywhere, including your phone.



Turtle Works is a certified Microsoft Power BI Partner