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Fix a Problem

Fix the Problem


You want your technology to be invisible so you can focus on satisfying customers and growing your business.

But you don't have all the technical skills, which leaves you with broken and non-aligned technology stopping your business from working. Leaving you with the question, "Why can't I get more done?".

Technology should just work.

You are good at running your business, but sometimes you need additional help.

As a 10 year Microsoft Partner, we've led many medium and small companies to successfully utilize their technology. We're technology experts that know how to troubleshoot and fix problems.

Turtle Works uses a reliable process to make the fix:

  • • View the current broken process
  • • Understand the expected result
  • • Identify the issue
  • • Explain the associated costs from the broken process
  • • Repair or create the solution
  • • Make you the hero

Common Questions:

Q: How will I know the costs will not spin out of control?

A: Many times we can tell you up front a ballpark estimate on time needed to fix the problem. If fixing the problem will take less than 16 hours, we simply charge you for the hours used.

If the problem will take more than 16 hours, then we can often provide a set price.  

On occasion, we can't tell you how long it will take. In these situations you can set a budget.


Q: Are you qualified for this problem?

A: Our consultants have worked with most Microsoft technology. If we haven't worked with the technology you are having an issue with, we will indicate that and possibly offer a discount or refer you to a partner that is an expert with that segment of Microsoft products.


Q: Won't you just make the problem worse?

A: Our first priority is: To do no harm

With our experience we have the process and methods needed to address this concern in several ways:

  • • Use a development environment
  • • Have a rollback plan
  • • Make incremental changes with small consequences

Should we be required to make a big change, with risk, we will discuss your options and possible outcomes beforehand.

Fix the Problem