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SharePoint Adoption

The number one complaint about SharePoint: users just don’t like it. More fairly, they often simply don’t understand either how it works, or what value SharePoint holds for users. Poor implementations and unreasonable business expectations are the driving factors behind rejection. Quick wins, user training and need-driven implementation are the deciding factors behind a successful SharePoint environment. Increase your SharePoint understanding by leveraging SharePoint experts with User Adoption.

“Usage has grown to almost 100% of our staff and faculty, with significantly fewer complaints and much higher satisfaction.”

~ Paul Stackhouse, IT Manager, FNU


Think Intranet! With 7 years of experience in the company intranet space, 15 years in the web application space and 20 years in IT, we can build or expand your:

  • Company or Employee Portal
  • Vendor or Customer Portal


Using state of the art, industry tools from Microsoft, we can help you reduce and simplify workload. Workflow can dramatically improve the efficiency of many business processes, including:

  • Forms and approval automation
  • Employee onboarding

Document Management

  • Change control, version control and metadata
  • Simultaneous editing of Excel, Word, PowerPoint and OneNote files
  • ISO 9000 Document Centers
  • Secure solution for legal department, law firm and client document sharing and collaboration


Eliminate reports, shared spreadsheets and full inboxes with our integration services. Surface information from core business systems such as ERP, CRM and payroll, providing an opportunity for staff to collaborate and annotate that information.

Office 365 Training

Leverage SharePoint provided by your Office 365 subscription by learning how to search, co-author documents, configure SharePoint sites, leverage SharePoint document libraries and more.

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