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Power BI, PowerApps and Flow

Microsoft’s Business platform provides an accessible ecosystem with unlimited application possibilities. This platform allows you to customize the software you already use to optimize your work effort. The combination of Power BI, PowerApps, and Flow frees you to focus on what you do best. The Work.

  • • Gain insights into your data with Power BI. Simple and scalable data prep and analysis with built-in governance and security. And Power BI Mobile keeps you in the loop wherever you are.
  • • Automate repetitive processes, build richer SharePoint applications, or share data across platforms with custom PowerApps. Use PowerApps to build applications against databases, spreadsheets, files, etc. from scratch or start with one of the many pre-built templates. No code writing necessary.
  • • Flow – Orchestrate workflow automation between the apps and services you use. Streamline the process from taking notes in a meeting to filing minutes in OneNote. Track your sales performance from lead capture to getting mobile approvals when they happen. Flow makes sure that forms get entered, documents get filed, stakeholders notified, and follow-up tasks are scheduled. Every bit of data is in the correct format and filed in its proper SharePoint file.

Work smart. Work less. Do More.