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Get More From Quickbooks

Leverage QuickBooks and Microsoft Power BI, so you have answers from anywhere. Have confidence in what staff is doing. Know how much money is outstanding from clients. Know how projects are unfolding. Be comfortable with cash flow.

Use proven Power BI modules that connect to QuickBooks to access KPI metrics, dashboards and reports that ease your mind. See cashflow, accounts receivables, proposals, project hours, billable hours, staff performance – at a glance. From a laptop, tablet or phone, see how cash on hand, payables and receivables add up; know your cashflow position.

Using the AR module, determine which customers to call, how much they owe and how late they are.

Easily evaluate your sales funnel. See how many proposals are out, how much they are worth and to whom they were sent.

With the right metrics, know where to spend time and energy: sales, operations, profitability or cashflow.


Current Modules

The existing modules are:

  • • Open Proposals
    • o Number of Proposals
    • o Total Proposal Dollars
    • o Proposal Breakdown
  • • Accounts Receivable
    • o AR Dollars by Days
    • o AR Dollars by Client
  • • Project Hours
    • o Estimated vs Actual Hours
    • o Slice by Customer, Project and Status
  • • Cash Flow Forecast
    • o Waterfall of credits/debits
    • o AP Listing
    • o AR Listing
  • • Billable Hours
    • o Weekly Hours
    • o Rolling 8 weeks
    • o Total Hours by Staff
    • o Weekly Percentage
    • o Weekly Average by Staff
    • o Slice data by staff

New modules are created based on customer needs. We listen to what indicators help you drive your business better.


Custom Solutions

Consolidate QuickBooks data with data stuck in Excel, online apps or internal systems. Power BI breaks through barriers, pulling together data from hundreds of different locations, into one data model. The consolidated reporting gives you one place to understand your business.

With our understanding of QuickBooks, databases, online services and data modeling, we design and build data sets, models, reports and dashboards to satisfy the situation and need.

Let us to harness your data, simplify your decisions and help deliver results