In order for BPC SSIS Tasks to be available for use in SSIS Packages, the OSoft Task dll files must be placed in Drive:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL Server100DTSTasks for SQL 2008.

BPC Import Won’t Complete

I find there are a couple reasons for an import into BPC to not complete, getting stuck on the the DumpLoad task:

  1. The first reason it stops at the DumpLoad task is there is alot of data and it just takes that long. You can always Abort the import and try importing a smaller set of data.
  2. The OutlookSoft SendGovernor Service is not started. This is usually the result of a server reboot. To check this out:
    1. Start > Run
    2. Type services.msc and press Enter
    3. Scroll down to the OutlookSoft SendGovernor Service
    4. Start the service if it is not running
  3. The other reason has to do with the dbo.lck[Application Name] table. So if the application name is Finance, then there are rows left in the dbo.lckFinance table. This can happen if an import errors out. To solve this:
    1. Verify no imports are occurring
    2. Check if there are any rows in the table: SELECT * from dbo.lckFinance
    3. If there are, remove them: DELETE dbo.lckFinance

That should solve a hung import.

BPC Security in a Nutshell

Security is broken down to 4 aspects:

  1. Users
    1. Basic component of security. User, Email, IM, etc.
  2. Teams
    1. Basic grouping of users
    2. You can assign Task and Member Access Profiles to Teams
  3. Task Profiles
    1. Application related security
    2. User/Team Activities and roles specified here
    3. There is a finite number of Tasks configured in BPC. See Task Profile Descriptions in the BPC Administration Help
  4. Member Access Profiles
    1. Dimension and member related security
    2. Example, you can specify which periods are ready to receive forecasts

Security Assignment:
          Task Profiles

          Member Access Profiles

Changing Account Rollups in BPC

To change the rollup for an account in BPC do the following:

  1. Change PARENTH1 on the account to the new rollup
  2. Process the dimension (Do a Full Process)
  3. Make the Application available
    1. Click on the Noble node
    2. Click on Set application set status
    3. Select Available
    4. Click Update application set status
  4. Refresh dimension members on the client.
    1. eTools -> Refresh Dimension Members

This will probably work for any dimension, not just accounts.