SharePoint Adoption Kit – Show Me How Videos

Here is the collection of Show Me How videos from Microsoft for SharePoint 2010. These videos are part of the Microsoft SharePoint Adoption Kit and include some great examples. My favorites are video 1 Рphonetic search, video 2 Рco-authoring Word documents, video 6 Рthe Group Work Site and video 9 Рworkflow and document approval.

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SP 2010: Create New Web Application and Site Collection

Create New Web Application

IIS Web Site

  1. Description: MOSS Web App – 80 (Consider TurtlePoint Web App – 80)
  2. Port: 80

Application Pool

  1. App Pool Name: MOSS Web App – 80 (Consider TurtlePoint Web App – 80)
  2. Account: spAppPool

Database Name and Authentication

  1. DB Name: MOSS_WebApp_Content

MOSS_WebApp_Content DB created
MOSS Web App Web – 80 Site created
MOSS Web App – 80 App Pool created

Create New Site Collection

Title and Description

  1. Title: Turtle Point

Template Selection

  1. Collaboration > Blank Site
  2. Activate these Site Collection Features
    1. SharePoint Server Enterprise Site Collection
    2. SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure
    3. SharePoint Server Standard Site Collection
    4. Publishing Approval Workflow if desired
  3. Activate these Site Features
    1. SharePoint Server Enterprise Site
    2. SharePoint Server Publishing
    3. SharePoint Server Standard Site
    4. Team Collaboration Lists

Primary Site Collection Administrator

  1. TURTLELLCAdministrator

No new database, web site or app pool created

Causing the Create Site link to Create a Site Collection

If you layout your MOSS intranet with the multiple Site Collections approach, you can simplify the creation of new Site Collections.

There are a couple settings which need to be setup for this to work:

Central Administration

  1. Central Administration > Application Management
  2. Under the Application Security section click on Self-service site management
  3. Turn, ‘Enable Self-Service Site Creation’ on
  4. It is optional to require a secondary contact in this form
  5. Click OK

Site Directory

  1. From within the site directory of the web application, go to Site Settings > Modify All Site Settings
  2. Under the “Site Collection Administration” area, click on “go to top-level site settings”
  3. Under the same “Site Collection administration” area, click “Site Directory Settings”
  4. Check ‘
  5. Click OK

Now when you are the Site Directory, clicking the Create Site link, will create a Site Collection.

Thanks to Dave Wollerman for this tip.