NW Security for BPC Users

When using NetWeaver security (not AD or CMS) for BPC, the user must have these roles set using the SU01 transaction in order to access BPC:


Setting Up Network Load Balancing for BPC

These are some loose notes from setting up load balancing in a BPC 7.5 MS environment.

  1. Change Virtual Server Name to the load balancing appliance on all application/web servers
  2. Set COM+ Object Application Pooling Pool Size to 5 for Everest Update, OSoftSystemConfig, K2Processing and OSoftDataService
    1. Component Services > COM+ Applications
    2. Right click the application
    3. Properties > Pooling & Recycling
    4. Set pool size to 5
  3. On each app server, edit the hosts file and add the virtual DNS name with the loopback address. This way when the server resolves the virtual name as part as internal processing, it resolves to itself and not another node.
  4. Disable the loop-back adaptor. That is done in the registry. There is a MS KB article that describes the steps.
  5. Stickiness is necessary for the admin client.
  6. Change required to the web.config file of the Osoft website on each machine in order to ensure that the encryption keys are all the same.
  7. Change web.config file for Management Console
  8. Restart SendGovernor
  9. Modify hosts file, make entry for physical app server name on each app server

Network Load Balancing and Reporting Services

Recently doing a BPC install in a Network Load Balanced (NLB) environment and ran into an error when testing the Reporting Services on the second application server. When clicking on the Report Manager URL I would receive the error:

The report server installation is not initialized

It turns out I needed to go back to the first server and run Reporting Services Configuration Manager and select Scale Out Deployment, then join server two.


EPM Add-in for BPC 10 (The BPC Office Client)

Here is some interesting info about the Office Client for BPC 10.0.

It turns out SBOP EPM Add-in Big Vol 10.0 is the 64 bit version of the client which uses .NET 4.0) This should only work with NW, because MS doesn’t support the 64 bit version of MS Office.

SBOP EPM Excel Client 10.0 is the 32 bit version.