Dynamic Excel CUBEVALUE and CUBEMEMBER Functions

We recently ran into a situation where a client needed to change the filter in an Excel report that is using the CUBEVALUE and CUBEMEMBER functions. The report was built using a pivot table going against a cube. We then used Convert to Formulas so we could control the report format. This approach worked great for the current data, but lacked a simple way to update the report every month by selecting a new period from a drop down. After some struggles and some seemingly dead ends, we had enough information to solve the problem. Continue reading “Dynamic Excel CUBEVALUE and CUBEMEMBER Functions”

SharePoint, PowerPivot, Power View and Multidimensional Analysis Services

This article was written to help me sort out SharePoint, PowerPivot, Power View and Analysis Services. Read on to discover the questions that arose as I embraced this technology set and the answers I’ve uncovered.

So what are the options for working with Power View within SharePoint with MDX as the source cube? Let me frame this a bit, I am referring to SharePoint 2013 and SQL Server 2012 SP 1 or SQL Server 2014. It appears that PowerPivot becomes the data source for Power View reports. That is, a PowerPivot workbook saved within a Document Library. So it seems feasible that building a PowerPivot report pulling from an MDX cube, then stored in a Doc Library should work. The first test is the Document Library, PowerPivot and MDX cube test. If this works the same way as using a tabular cube, then we are one step closer to a complete solution.

Continue reading “SharePoint, PowerPivot, Power View and Multidimensional Analysis Services”