XenDesktop and Windows XP

After enough struggling, I have learned enough to get Windows XP working within XenDesktop.

After much wrestling,
there is much rejoicing.

Here are the steps I’ve taken and the errors I’ve faced as well as the solutions to those errors:

  1. Build a Master image of XP
    1. Make sure it has enough disk on C:
  2.  Join the domain
    1. Sometimes you have to move it to a workgroup, then back to the domain, before the VM will acknowledge that it belongs to a domain.
  3. Install WinRM 2.0 which you can download from Microsoft.
  4. Install the Virtual Desktop Agent
    1. If you don’t, you will receive this error: “a duplicate name exists on the network” after running Machine Creation Services and viewing the console the created desktops in XenCenter.
  5. Make sure the storage your master image is on has enough room to be snapshot. Otherwise you will receive this misleading error:
    1. “The Catalog could not be loaded due to the following errors:
      There are no master images associated with this Catalog”
    2. To move the master image
      1. Use XenCenter to move your VM
        1. Select your VM
        2. Right click > Move VM
        3. Select a storage repository that has enough room.
  6. Use Desktop Studio to create new Catalogs and Assignments.