Network Load Balancing and Reporting Services

Recently doing a BPC install in a Network Load Balanced (NLB) environment and ran into an error when testing the Reporting Services on the second application server. When clicking on the Report Manager URL I would receive the error:

The report server installation is not initialized

It turns out I needed to go back to the first server and run Reporting Services Configuration Manager and select Scale Out Deployment, then join server two.


Exposing Reporting Services Reports to the Internet

By using the ASP.NET ReportViewer control on a web page exposed to the internet, it is possible to display Reporting Services reports. The trick is in turning on Anonymous Access on the ReportServer Virtual Directory and creating the anonymous user as a Reporting Services user and granting that user permission to view the reports you want to share.

In the ReportViewer control configure the ReportView Tasks as follows:

  1. Choose Report:
  2. Report Server Url: the path to the ReportServer Virtual Directory
  3. Report Path: the path to the report beginning with ‘/’

On the web server hosting Reporting Services configure the ReportServer Virtual directory as follows:

  1. Turn on Anonymous Access
  2. Remember the Anonymous Access user

In Report Manager do the following:

  1. Configure the Anonymous Access user as a Reporting Services user
  2. Grant that user access to the necessary folders and/or reports

Deploy your web page with the ReportViewer control to your internet server and you are good to go.