Gartner Report – Power BI is Magic Quadrant Leader

Gartner Report - BI Magic Quadrant
Gartner Report – BI Magic Quadrant

I recently read this Gartner report which identifies Power BI as the Business Intelligence leader above Tableau, Qlik, Domo and ThoughtSpot based on:

  • Agile, centralized BI provisioning
  • Decentralized analytics
  • Governed data discovery
  • Embedded analytics
  • Extranet deployment

I found their deeper focus on various data source connectivity options, data storage and loading, augmented data discovery, natural language query, mobile and sharing to be spot on with what I find in the field.

What surprised me is iDashboards didn’t make the study and Domo is classified as a niche player.

Finally, the Identified strengths of Power BI:

  • Low price with positive sales experience
  • Ease of use for complex types of analysis
  • Comprehensive product vision