BPC Drillthrough for CMS Actuals

Actuals Activity

Current year Actuals data is pulled from 1 table:

GTRAN – G/L Transactions

For previous year Actuals, data is pulled from:

GTLYN – Last Year G/L Transactions

Opening Balances

Retrieved from GLMT

FinanceDrillThrough Table

For Activity and Opening Balances, data is written to the FinanceDrillThrough table which looks like this:

Column_name Type Length Nullable
Entity nvarchar 64 no
Account numeric 9 no
Period numeric 5 no
JournalType nvarchar 2 yes
TranDate datetime 8 yes
TranSource nvarchar 4 no
Amount numeric 9 no
RefNum nvarchar 20 yes
RefDesc nvarchar 60 no
RevEntry nvarchar 2 yes
Century numeric 5 yes
Year numeric 5 yes
PostDate datetime 8 yes
Batch numeric 5 yes
MinorSalesCode nvarchar 6 yes
MajorSalesCode nvarchar 6 yes


The GetFinanceDrillThrough stored procedure calls functions that explode rollups into base level members.