Causing the Create Site link to Create a Site Collection

If you layout your MOSS intranet with the multiple Site Collections approach, you can simplify the creation of new Site Collections.

There are a couple settings which need to be setup for this to work:

Central Administration

  1. Central Administration > Application Management
  2. Under the Application Security section click on Self-service site management
  3. Turn, ‘Enable Self-Service Site Creation’ on
  4. It is optional to require a secondary contact in this form
  5. Click OK

Site Directory

  1. From within the site directory of the web application, go to Site Settings > Modify All Site Settings
  2. Under the “Site Collection Administration” area, click on “go to top-level site settings”
  3. Under the same “Site Collection administration” area, click “Site Directory Settings”
  4. Check ‘
  5. Click OK

Now when you are the Site Directory, clicking the Create Site link, will create a Site Collection.

Thanks to Dave Wollerman for this tip.