Copying VM While Running

NOTE: I receive a checksum failure error during vm-import when following this method.

To copy a VM while it is still running:

  1. Create a snapshot
  2. Export as backup
  3. Import the backup

Here are the details:

Create a Snapshot

  1. ssh into XenServer
  2. run xe vm-snapshot vm=”VM Name” new-name-label=”Name the snapshot”
  3. when it completes write down the UUID returned

Export as Backup

  1. ssh into XenServer
  2. xe template-export template-uuid=”UUID from step 3 above” filename=”Name the .xva file”
  3. View progress in XenCenter

Import the Backup

  1. ssh into XenServer
  2. xe vm-import filename=”Name the .xva file to import” sr-uuid=”SR to restore it to”


Use df -ha to view existing disks and available space
Use xe sr-list to find the sr-uuid needed in Import the Backup step 2.

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