EPM Add-in for BPC 10 (The BPC Office Client)

Here is some interesting info about the Office Client for BPC 10.0.

It turns out SBOP EPM Add-in Big Vol 10.0 is the 64 bit version of the client which uses .NET 4.0) This should only work with NW, because MS doesn’t support the 64 bit version of MS Office.

SBOP EPM Excel Client 10.0 is the 32 bit version.

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  1. The big vol 10.0 version is in order to use EPM add-in with Office 2010 64 bits and that’s independant of BPC versions (NW or MS) so it works for both of them…
    Besides, the big vol version provides a second specific capability : it allows managing huge amount of master data (several millions of dimension members in a dimension) when connecting EPM add-in to BW ODBO provider (and only for BW ODBO provider, not for BPC connections).

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