Moving From September to October in BPC

Moving to October causes some trouble because we are moving from a 1 digit period (Jan = 1, Sep = 9) to a 2 digit period (Oct = 10). This causes problems during the Convert Task in SSIS. The actuals to transform text file contains all the correct data, the actuals to load text file contains only a header. The transformation fails.

To resolve this problem a change to the transformation file needs to occur. Follow these steps to make the change:

  1. eData > Manage Transformation File
  2. Select the file, in our case Actual CMS.xls
  3. Under the *MAPPING section find TIME=*COL(4) + *STR(.) + *COL(5) or TIME=*COL(4) + *STR(.0) + *COL(5)
  4. For 1 digit periods change *STR(.) to *STR(.0)
  5. For 2 digit periods change *STR(.0) TO *STR(.)
  6. Click on Validate and save transformation definitions in the Action Pane on the right.
  7. When prompted to Save, just select the same file, so in our case Actual CMS.xls.
  8. Click Yet to replace the existing file.
  9. Close the Transformation file