Recover Existing BPC MS AppSets

I recently built a new BPC application/web server. The existing App Sets were large; in the 2 billion rows category. So doing a backup and restore would be time consuming. The backup/restore was also unnecessary because the OSoft share was not on the app server and I wasn’t bringing up a new database server.

First I made a copy of the existing AppServer database. Then I did the BPC install. To bring the existing AppSets into the new environment I did the following for each App Set:

  1. AppServer Database
    1. Add a row to AppServer.dbo.tblAppSetInfo
    2. Add a row to AppServer.dbo.tblAppSetAccess setting <domain>\BPCSysAdmin as the UserID
  2. App Set Database Tables. Only add rows to the following tables, if they don’t exist for <domain>\BPCSysAdmin
    1. tblUsers
    2. UserTeamAssign
    3. tblAppAccess
  3. App Set Database Security. Make sure:
    1. <domain>\BPCUser has db_datareader and db_datawriter access to the database
      BPCUser Security
    2. <domain>\BPCAdmin has db_owner access to the database
      BPCAdmin Security

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