Microsoft Sharepoint User Profile Synchronization I – Clearing the Config Cache

While troubleshooting a failed User Profile Synchronization Service, I needed to clear the config cache. The config cache is where config settings are stored locally on the Microsoft SharePoint server, so a SQL call isn’t required. Sometimes these files get corrupted, which happened to me while setting up the User Profile Synchronization Service.

To clear them:

  1. Login to SharePoint server
  2. Stop the OWSTIMER service
  3. Go to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\SharePoint\Config
    Microsoft sharepoint
  4. Check each directory within Config for a cache.ini file.
  5. The folder with the cache.ini file is the folder to work in
  6. Delete every file EXCEPT the cache.ini file
  7. Edit cache.ini and change the number to 1
  8. Start the OWSTIMER service

Here are several reference articles concerning setting up the User Profile Synchronization Service:

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