XenConvert Source Machine Prep

Before using XenConvert on a physical source machine, there are a couple preparations:

  1. Enable Windows Automount on Windows Server operating systems
  2. Disable Windows Autoplay
  3. Remove any virtualization software
  4. Verify adequate free space exists on the destination
  5. Remove any network interface team

Windows Automount

Use the MOUNTVOL /E command in a cmd window to enable Windows Automount

Disable Windows Autoplay

This article describes disabling Windows Autoplay (Autorun): http://support.microsoft.com/kb/967715

On Windows Server 2003 change this registry key value to FF:


On one server, the key didn’t exist. I ignored disabling autoplay on that server and the export worked out anyway.

Remove Any Virtualization Software and Verify Adequate Space

These are obvious, uninstall VMWare, VirtualPC, VirtualBox, etc. Find a spot to drop the OVF or VHD package.

Remove Any Network Interface Team

We weren’t doing anything fancy with our interfaces, so I ignored this. I figure if you are using a Network Interface Team, you would know it. Feel free to shoot me a comment on this if you have any insight.


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