Setting a XenServer ISO Library Using NAS

Using XenCenter

  1. Open XenCenter
  2. Connect to your server
  3. Click New Storage
  4. Select Windows File Sharing (CIFS) and click Next
  5. Give the SR a name, I used NAS Storage
  6. The Share Name is actually the full path, so: \\\SLXXXXX-X
  7. Check the Use different user name checkbox and enter the user name and password for your NAS (SLXXXXX-X / MxXXXXX)AttachNAS
  8. Click Finish

Using the Command Line

Creating an ISO library from a NAS folder is a 2 step process:

  1. Mount the NAS to the XenServer host
  2. Create an SR from the NAS

To mount the NAS

# mkdir /mnt/nas

# mount -t cifs // /mnt/nas -o username=MyNASUserName,password=MyNASPwd

To create an SR from the NAS

# mkdir /mnt/nas/iso

# xe sr-create name-label=ISO type=iso device-config:location=/mnt/nas/iso device-config:legacy mode=true content-type=iso

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