ABAP Access Keys

Recently I tried to create a new object in the ABAP Object Navigator. It seemed simple, select Program, enter HELLO_WORLD_2 and press the Enter key. After doing so, I’m eventually faced with this screen:

If you have the Access keys, then enter the Developer Access key and the Object Access key and click Continue.

If you don’t, then you need go thru these 2 steps:

  1. Register the Developer
  2. Register the Object

Register the Developer

  1. Login to SAP Service Marketplace (http://service.sap.com/licensekey)
  2. Click SCCR Keys
  3. Click Register Developer and follow the prompts

Register the Object

  1. Same as above, except click Register Object for step 3

Once you have registered both the developer and object you can view either My Company’s Registrations, Developers Registered by Me or Objects Registered by Me by clicking the SSCR Keys menu link

Use the Developers and Object tabs to retrieve the Registration keys (Access key) and enter them in the User and SAP Object Key screen.