Installing BPC 10.0 NW Support Packages


Before beginning, document the current install by making screen shots of the System > Status in SAP GUI for reference.

Download Files

NOTE: NW BPC Support Packages are NOT cumulative, so download all the SPs between your current version and the latest.

  1. Retrieve the needed .SAR file(s) from the SAP Marketplace
  2. Software Downloads > Support Packages and Patches > A – Z Index > B
  4. Comprised Software Component Versions > SAP CPM BPC ABAP 10.0 > Support Packages
    1. See Finding Prerequisites section below to identify what other files you need.
  5. Check the box for the SP and click Add to Download Basket.
  6. At this point, the SP is in the Approval List tab of your Download Basket and needs to be approved for download by SAP.
  7. Submit a ticket to the XX-SER-SAPSMP-SDM component asking them to approve the download.
  8. Once it is approved you may download it.

NOTE with Solution Manager, you can retreive the SP directly thru NetWeaver.

Finding Prerequisites:

  1. While at step 4 in the section above
  2. Click the Title of the Support Package
  3. Click Package Info
  4. Scroll down to Import conditions
  5. The above screen shot shows, that BPC and POASBC Add-ons must be installed. And SP01 for BPC and SP02 for POASBC must be installed. (POA = Portable Object Adapter from CORBA and SBC = Shared Business Components)

Upload Support Packages

The Support Packages need to be uploaded into NetWeaver and decompressed.

Load the Support Package into NetWeaver:

  1. On the NetWeaver server, logon to client 000 as Admin
  2. Run the SPAM transaction
  3. Go to the Support Packages menu
  4. Click Load Packages > From Front End
  5. Browse to the .SAR file location
  6. Click Open
  7. Click Decompress
  8. Repeat steps 1 thru 7 for all the SP files.

Transport Support Packages

Once the files are uploaded and decompressed, import them into the system:

  1. On the main SPAM display ensure ‘New Support Packages’ is selected under ‘Directory’
  2. Click Display
  3. Click the SP in the list
  4. Right click on the package and choose Define Queue
  5. Click the green checkmark (Continue)
  6. Click No to Adding Modification Adjustment Transports to the queue
  7. The window should close and in the main SPAM window, the Queue should display your SP
  8. Click the red truck button to transport the update
  9. Click the Continue to start the transport of the update into the system
  10. Once the transport finishes, ‘Confirm the Queue’ by clicking the green checkmark with a pencil.
  11. Repeat steps 1 thru 10 for all SP files.


If a transport fails with Objects_Locked error

  1. Capture the detail like Request #, Objects (ex. R3TR SICF WEB)
  2. To fix the issue, the lock(s) must be release. They must be releases in the Tasks, Requests order
    1. Use SE01
    2. Click the locked task
    3. Click the Truck button
    4. Do steps 2 and 3 for all locked tasks
    5. Click the locked request
    6. Click the Truck button

If the lock is occurring in a client other than 000, you must login to that client to release the locks.

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