Communication Site

SharePoint Communication Site

Are you after a different kind of SharePoint experience?  Tired of the same old look and feel that the OOTB experience offers?  Well I agree, we need to create something more visually appealing and Microsoft has done just that, The Communication Site.  So how do we create a Communication Site?

Let’s get started…

Log into your Office 365 environment

Navigate to the SharePoint tile

Near the top middle section click on

A window will open, select Communication Site (or play around with the Team site if you want)

Select the design you want to create…

Selecting Topic, Showcase, or Blank from the dropdown will allow you to see the different layouts.

Give it a name, and a description, click Finish

Voila!  You’ve just created a Communication Site.  The Topic design will look like this when first created…

Click on Edit in the blue box on the right to begin editing.  Go ahead and customize your new site as you see fit.  Happy creating!


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