SharePoint Workflow Versioning with Visual Studio 2012

I needed a methodology for publishing new versions of SharePoint workflows using Visual Studio. I have a Document Library that has a workflow (we’ll call it version 1). The document, 9-30 Staff Meeting.pdf, is running workflow version 1; waiting on a user to complete a task. However, I’ve changed the code and want new documents to run the workflow with the changes (we’ll call this workflow version 2). Here is the key, while the new document, 10-7 Staff Meeting.pdf,  will run workflow version 2, I need the the already in progress, 9-30 Staff Meeting.pdfdocument, to complete using the existing version 1 assembly. Continue reading “SharePoint Workflow Versioning with Visual Studio 2012”

NW Security for BPC Users

When using NetWeaver security (not AD or CMS) for BPC, the user must have these roles set using the SU01 transaction in order to access BPC:


Setting a XenServer ISO Library Using NAS

Using XenCenter

  1. Open XenCenter
  2. Connect to your server
  3. Click New Storage
  4. Select Windows File Sharing (CIFS) and click Next
  5. Give the SR a name, I used NAS Storage
  6. The Share Name is actually the full path, so: \\\SLXXXXX-X
  7. Check the Use different user name checkbox and enter the user name and password for your NAS (SLXXXXX-X / MxXXXXX)AttachNAS
  8. Click Finish

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SharePoint Adoption Kit – Show Me How Videos

Here is the collection of Show Me How videos from Microsoft for SharePoint 2010. These videos are part of the Microsoft SharePoint Adoption Kit and include some great examples. My favorites are video 1 – phonetic search, video 2 – co-authoring Word documents, video 6 – the Group Work Site and video 9 – workflow and document approval.

Sharepoint Adoption Kit Continue reading “SharePoint Adoption Kit – Show Me How Videos”